͏͏This is the homepage of James Caldwell High School's BIPOC Student Union.

About the Club

The goal of this club is to create an inclusive, safe space in which students of all races and ethnicities can come and listen to BIPOC voices, discuss BIPOC related issues, and inspire change in our community.

We realized that although equality and non-discrimination are preached throughout the school and the community, BIPOC issues are frequently swept under the rug or inadequately touched upon. The BIPOC Student Union seeks to build a community of BIPOC students and their allies who can find solidarity in sharing their experiences and thoughts in a judgment-free zone.

The BIPOC Student Union was founded in January 2021.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does BIPOC stand for?
BIPOC stands for Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. The label "POC" is not necessarily wrong, but the specification of Black and Indigenous reminds us that not all issues concerning minorities are identical. For a more in depth exploration of this, visit Healthline.
Can I join this club even if I'm not a BIPOC?
Absolutely! This club is inclusive of anyone and everyone, regardless of race or ethnicity. In fact, choosing to join even if it's just to listen to BIPOC related issues is a tremendous show of allyship, and one of the ways that we can promote unity and equality. This club is built on inclusivity, so your race, ethnicity, language, and experiences play no factor in your eligibility as a member. All we ask is that you are respectful and come with an open mind.
What do we do at meetings?
Meetings are largely centered around discussing the experiences of BIPOC students, and students may share instances where they were the subject of discrimination or racism, or instances where they witnessed it. We also discuss current events, policies, government structure, etc. that pertain to BIPOC, as well as invite guest speakers to impart their wisdom and experience on us. Meetings are largely freeform and are fueled by discussion.

If the question that you were looking for is not answered here, please refer to the socials page and email your question to Jackie.

Social Media

No, we don't make music, but there are tons of incredibly talented BIPOC musicians who do! Come check out our collaborative Spotify playlist, which highlights BIPOC artists spanning all genres, ethnicities, languages, you name it. If you want to put a BIPOC musician in the spotlight, feel free to add some of your own recommendations!

Contact Information

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BIPOC Student Union
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Jackie Li (she/her)
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Mrs. Cunningham (she/her)
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(If you are unable to add songs to the Spotify playlist, make sure you are accessing the playlist from the desktop or mobile app. If that doesn't work, email your song recs to Jackie. Special thanks to Rea for creating the playlist!)